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The Ravens Nest

Welcome to thy Ravens Chronicles

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Gothic Raven
31 May
Im the gothic raven (Morgoroth)
i like black/gothic/thrash metal
my fav band is Metallica, i play lead and rythym guitar in a band, ive been playing for 10 years
my favourite film is the crow
love beer, lager, Fanta red and Tea
hate ,korn, STinkin park, Megadeth, limp bizkit,Nu-metal,new punk, tony blair and micheal schumacher
I have now declared war on Nu metal and punk!


Ok enough with the hating, some positive things

I love to laugh, i say we might aswell enjoy this ride called life, and a good way to do that is have a laugh.
Im shy, until you get to know me, and until i get to know you.
Someone once said that i have one of if not best sense of humour in the world, i like to think thats true.

"Some may say im a dreamer, but im not the only one, i hope some day you can join us, and the world can live as one"- What a vision this man had!

R.I.P- Jimi Hendrix, , John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbot, Ronnie Barker and Eddie Guererro.
acoustic, adrian edmondson, afflitus, amy dumas, angelina jolie, anno daemonicus, avid merrion, bathory, bc rich, beer, bill bailey, biohazard, black label society, black metal, black sabbath, bo selecta, bottom, brandon lee, candles, cannibal corpse, carpathian forest, chinese food, chris jericho, cider, combats, computers, cradle of filth, crows, damon hill, darren campbell, dave grohl, dead kennedys, death metal, death metal vocals, deep purple, dimmu borgir, distortion, distortion pedals, disturbed, dobermans, dogs, dvd's, dwayne chambers, emperor, encore, entombed, exhumed, f chord, face paint, fanta, fast show, fear factory, foo fighters, fozzy, friends, futurama, gamecube, german shepherds, gibson, gigs, gore, goth, gothic, goths, guitars, guns n roses, heart shaped box, horror, ibanez, iced earth, immortal, impaled nazarene, incense, james hetfield, jason newstead, jelly babies, jim davidson, joe satriani, john lennon, ketchup, kirk hammet, kittie, kurt cobain, lager, lars ulrich, leather jackets, leather studded wrist band, leather trousers, lennox lewis, lita, little britian, lust for demise, lynard skynard, lyrics, machine head, magas-eye, marshall, medievil, medulla nocte, mercedes lander, metal, metallica, morbid angel, morgan lander, my dying bride, napalm death, nintendo, nirvana, obituary, old mans child, opeth, ozzy, ozzy osbourne, pagan, pantera, peter kay, pizza, quantum leap, ravens, red dwarf, rik mayall, rotting christ, scott bakula, simpsons, sleep, slipknot, south park, stamping ground, steve vai, surfacing, takeshi's castle, talena atfeild, the craft, the crow, the darkness, the fast show, the league of gentlemen, tottenham hotspurs, trench coats, underule, unforgiven, unforgivenii, violation, vodka, weebl and bob, what lies beneath, whiskey, wicca, wwe, zakk wylde

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