The Olden Days......its been 6 years since school

Earlier at work i was pondering about the times at school, then i set my self a challenge to see if i could name everyone form my class...here we go.

Class Severn
Jason Birt
Craig Nicholas (nichsy)
Michael Smithers
David Basset
Andrew Butler
Steven Pocket
Craig Ballinger
John Ansell
Sashon Lewis
Aeron Mcarthy
Mohammed Motala
Anthony Rose
Stuart Grimes
Tim Healy
Robert Dowdswell
Jordan Neigninger
OTHERS-ones the left, or werent thier for long

Daniel Bonny
Kristian Leshue
im sure theres a few ive forgotten.

The best Tutor we had was without a doubt Mr.Barker
We also had a gay peodo teacher who went by the name of Tredger urghh.

i realize this means absolutley nothing to most of you.....but i felt like doing it.

may post a few school stories tomorrow

Darkest Regards


The Cradle Rocks the hand....or something

i went to watch Cradle Of Filth last night in Birmingham, twas splendid.

all the classics were performed including: Her Ghost in the Fog, From the Cradle To Enslave, Ebony Dressed for Sunset and Sarah Jezebel Deva's version of Nymphetamine.

Speaking of SJD, i saw her standing by the merchandise, i went over to "look at the merchandise" when handed me a sticker of her new project Angtoria , i chatted to her for a bit, she was really nice, got my photo taken with her (as below).

all around good night.

(no subject)

A band in New York who are friends of mine are looking to come over to england to play a friday, Saturday and sunday set of shows, they are looking for good venues to play for around a 100 ppl or more, if you know of any cool venues local to you or not, could you reply with the details so i can pass them on please, thanx.

The Morg

Tired of Fighting

Well looks like im gonna lose my job again this friday.

im tired, im tired of fighting for my job, im tired of fighting for everything, i should just relise that im below par at everythings, everything i try never works out, my mates try things and bang they can do it, it was the same at school, i could never grasp anything easily, nothing ever comes easily to me and ive had enough of trying, so from now on....i wont!

LFD needs you!

Hi all

My band Lust For Demise is looking for two things.

A Voice & a Poster girl.

we need a stong gothic male voice to record an intro for our website (like Patrick Alen)
and we need a gothic girl for photoshoots to be used for merchandise (T-shirts, Posters).

If you can help me reply here, or at my email address morg106@hotmail.com

you can check out our stuff at www.lustfordemise.cjb.net
also our LJ site which will be overhauled soon is lfd2001

Chinese Anonymous

Help me.

ive become addicted to Chinese food, its over taken my love for indian food.

here is my top dishes that you may wanna try?

Sweet & Sour Chicken- a lovely Sweet n Sour sauce to cover crispy battered chicken
Chilli Tomato Chicken - a thick spicy tomato sauce with Battered chicken sauce
Chicken in peking Sauce- a Sweet sticky sauce with battered Chicken pieces
Lemon Chicken- Chicken with a lemon sauce.
Chicken Chow Mein- Noodles, bean sprouts and chicken strips.
Egg Fried Rice!

and i dont eat beef but ive heard Crispy Chilli Beef is good.

Deva Fix


uhh even tho it was a while ago ill give you a brief review of what happened that saturday, went to a gig with stu, only to find the gig was cancelled so we went with his mate to a field in...uhh churchdown i think....why? to drink squire to drink, and drink we did!.

Went to see Opeth, Man alive what a gig! they really are awesome, they played all thier best songs "Drapery Falls" "Benighted" etc and thier new single "The Grand Conjuring".
The Birmingham academy is quite small, small for an Opeth gig, and i going to see Cradle there in November!.

Speaking of Cradle, does anyone have the new Nymphetamine double Disc?

ive got the original, but i want the new one as it has got covers of "Devil Woman" and "Mr.Crowley", and the thing i wanna hear most Nyphetamine with Sarah J Deva singing instead of Liv Kristine.